Discount Card

每年, 我们的UMCSSA都会和学校附近的商家合作, 推出具有打折功能的会员折扣卡。 今年, 我们会继续继承这一传统。下面是今年合作商家名单,打折幅度与条件。

On Campus:

Sadako日餐:10% off;lunch only

Ayaka: 10% off ; cash only

bubble island: 10% ; for one drink or yogurt

Middle Kingdom/中华楼: 15% off;cash

Kai Garden/凯园: 10% off; cash

MomoTea: 10% off; cash; food excluded; beverage only

Saigon Garden: 10% off; cash only and dinner

Raja Rani: 15% off; cash; total purchase >=$25

Asian Legend/老地方: 10% off; cash; personal purchase >=$10

TK Wu/京华小馆: 10% off; cash; personal purchase >=$10

New Age Salon/新潮发廊:$1 off; cash

Lucky Kitchen/鸿运: 10% off; cash; total purchase >=$10

Off Campus:

China Market/国货 东华: 3% off with credit card, 5% off with cash; total purchase >=$10

Hidden Dragon/天龙川菜馆, 6% off; Cash; 超过100USD送特别菜式

Great Shanghai/大上海:10% off; cash

Great lake:10% off; cash

Emerald City/翡翠城:10% off; cash; beverage and karaoke excluded; 15% off in opening special

Chia Shiang/家乡:6% off; cash

Hua Xing Asian Market/华兴:3% off with credit card, 5% off with cash; total purchase >=$10

Asian City/亚洲城: 5% off with credit card, 8% off with cash


North Campus:

NorthWood V: 周元昌 (M W F 7-9 P.M.): yuanchang.zhou@gmail.com

Willow Tree :凌肯 (机动): lincoln421@hotmail.com

Duderstadt Library: 马越: may@umich.edu

Central Campus:

Downtown (E. Washington St. & State St.):  马千惠:maqianhu@umich.edu

University Tower: 王海力: horacew@umich.edu




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